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Physics in Action

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What to Expect

Explore the space shuttle Atlantis exhibit and experience the technology behind man’s attempt to overcome gravity and atmospheric challenges. Use interactive displays to land on the moon and dock a space shuttle at the International Space Station.

Join the ranks of astronauts by riding the space shuttle simulator! Enter operations for a prelaunch briefing and experience what it takes for a shuttle to exit earth’s atmosphere and ascend into orbit.

Explore the Saturn V – Apollo exhibit and witness the wonder of a real Saturn V rocket! Investigate rocket engine technology and the physics required to escape Earth’s gravity. Take a minute to appreciate the heroes of our past and touch a real moon rock!

Meet an astronaut and learn about their experiences living and working in space during a live presentation. Take your encounter further by personally shaking hands with and getting an autograph from one of these amazing heroes!

Investigate Newton’s three laws of motion through hands-on experience! Join our Flock for a game of mini golf and learn how to use physics to your advantage.

Take students on the journey of a lifetime by experiencing – Physics in Action!

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View an important video message from our founder Dana Lawson


View an important video message from our founder Dana Lawson